The Right Roofing Nails and Nailing Pattern For Shingles

The Quality of the Roofing Nails And The Right Pattern Of Nailing Down Shingles

You will have to search long and hard to find a roofing company which still uses hand hammers to install their roofing nails. The roofer of today is almost certain to use a pneumatic roofing nailer powered attached to an air hose and powered by an air compressor to drive the roofing nails into your roofing material. The speed of this method will save you considerably in labor costs.

When the felt is on over the roof deck next is the shingle application. You will need special roofing nails to apply them. Most people and almost all roofing contractors use compressors and nail guns for this. But there are still some old-fashioned roofers that use a roofing hatchet and do it by hand.

But there’s a tradeoff, because using a pneumatic roof nailer can mean that the roofing nails are not all driven with the same amount of force. Some of them may not grasp the roof’s wood as securely as others, and they also may not be completely straight as they are driven in. The problem with this is that you may end up with torn shingles and a leaking roof, which don’t occur when roofing nails are hammered in by hand, with the full attention of the roofer.

Right Roofing Requires The Right Roofing Materials

Even to the smallest part such as nails should be properly considered and for the best nails then coil roofing nails might be used for the roof and other durable nails for the interior.

It is known that the nails are driven to attach two things and that the attachments should be done very well for the set up to function also well. Therefore it is important to choose what nails to use and that the nails chosen should be the appropriate nails for the type of medium being used. This means that the nails intended for steel should be used for steels and that the concrete nails should be used on concrete and not on woods. This should be followed so that the nails can function right and appropriately. Aside from considering the durability and the quality for the nails, the nails should also be driven by a very good nailer.

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